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Flat-Tummy Tea: Oolong kicks up Metabolism!

Can "teatoxing" - the number one weight-loss trend on social media - help you slim down in a hurry? To find out (Women's World) turned to tea expert and natural medicine guru Pina LoGuidice, N.D. While Dr. LoGuidice is not a fan of pricey celeb-endorsed tea detoxes - which often cut calories to metabolism-damaging levels and contain risky herbal laxatives - she does think tea is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to reverse the fattening effects of seasonal indulgences.

"The right teas have powerful medicinal properties that stimulate our bodies to release bloat, reduce cravings, rev metabolism and much more," she says. "Choose your teatox wisely, and it's an amazing gift to give yourself." Here, Dr. LoGuidice is sharing an inexpensive DIY regimen that she says is both safe and highly effective. "Sip it while increasing your intake of healthy foods - especially fruits and veggies - and, even if you still enjoy a few treats, you can be at your prime before the holidays," she promises. "When I prescribe this type of detox to patients, I see people losing five to eight pounds a week!"

Sip this, shrink fast: Oolong tea kicks up metabolism!

Made from the same plant as black tea (which is fully fermented) and green tea (which is fully fermented), oolong is a partially fermented variety. It's unique processing leaves it with 50% less caffeine and 100% more key antioxidants than typical tea. Scientists say the high content of these antioxidants, called polyphenols, is the likely reason for these amazing findings. When women drink green tea their metabolism increases 4% - but when they sip oolong, it increases a full 10%. In a separate study, each cup of oolong was found to burn more than 56 calories - enough to cancel out a cookie or a candy cane!

Oolong protects your brain!

One study found that regular consumption of oolong lowers the risk of age-related brain decline by 64% - likely because compounds in the tea soothe inflammation in the brain while enhancing brain function.

Teatox Rx: 2-3 cups daily; finish sipping before 6pm to avoid interfering with sleep.

Article courtesy of Women's World Magazine

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